The X Tour

by Ughog on February 19, 2012

X Tour

So now that I’ve had ample time to gather my thoughts and recover from the madness that was the X Tour featuring Excision, Liquid Stranger, and Lucky Date, I can give you all a proper review.

To start off when Lucky Date and Liquid Stranger played they were on a smaller table on the side of the stage. This was because of Excision’s massive new stage set up, X Vision. I had seen pictures of it and had a small glimpse in different videos but I was not ready for how big it actually was. Thing was huge and took up almost the entire stage at the Marquee. Now onto the sound. All I have to say about the sound is ‘Wow.’ It was seriously something else. From the first drop to the last it was pumping full force. Instantly I could feel my nostrils shaking and clothes vibrating. Excision played a fantastic set which I was very pleased with since last time I saw him at Coachella it was a little weak so it was awesome to walk away from this one pleased. He went all over the place, playing his signature robot metal sound then getting into some 100bpm fun and a bit of moombah. One thing I also like about seeing Excision is he likes to get a little glitchy on everyone. There was some great glitch hop stuff he played.

All in all this was a fantastic show from start to finish. Hometown heroes Havocndeed opened the night up properly with a live set and then Lucky Date and Liquid Stranger built up the energy and tension so well that once those 100,000 watts of pure sound was powered up and the first beat dropped by Excision the place literally exploded. Fan of Excisions style of dubstep or not, I think everyone should head out and experience the insanity that is that sound system even if it’s just for the massage it gives you. Big thanks to Steve Levine Entertainment and Insomniac for making Tempe a stop on this tour.

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