Fractal System – Bass From Brazil!

by admin on May 6, 2011

Coming out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fractal System brings hard glitchy bass lines and the ability to produce a wide range of sounds to the table. Hopefully we can get these guys on tour in the USA sometime soon! This Big Fat Bass remix goes from hard electro house to a absolutely dirty drop around [...]


Southern California  has one of the hottest dubstep scenes going on in the country at the moment, and one producer and DJ who is making a name for himself in that scene is CRIMES!. On this track he brings a signature heavy style to a remix of the downtempo indie track “Werewolf”. If you are [...]

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Post image for New Live Dubstep Group: The End is Part of the Dance [Free Mix]

I’m a big fan of anytime you can incorporate a live element to heavy bass music, and thats what The End is Part of the Dance is setting out to do. They have an EP coming out called No Place for Us which has a track featuring Bunny from Rabbit in the Moon and a [...]

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Wanted to blast this out for you guys to enjoy. Here is a video that has the signature PheosiA Films style that all you dub heads love! This video is from the Dubtroit show that features HavocNdeeD ripping it up! Press play and enjoy! SMOG Presents: HavocNdeed @ DUBTROIT from PheosiA Films Production on Vimeo.


Post image for The Dubstep Blog Teams Up With Basslaced UK! Free AC Slater Mix!

So April 14th was The Dubstep Blog’s six  month anniversary, and it makes me happy that we are averaging about 15, 000 visitors a month to the site. That’s a testament to how awesome you guys are as readers of the blog! I also realize that I don’t post nearly enough on the blog. Life [...]


Coming from the Ultragore camp, In Cold Blood is one of the filthiest tunes of the year so far. One of the leaders in the straight up filth game Sluggo teams up with up and coming dubstep star Getter to bring straight fire on this one. Check out Ultragore on Facebook. This tune drops on [...]


KhemehK – Ghost 2.0

by admin on April 6, 2011

Post image for KhemehK – Ghost 2.0

I was waiting for this one for a while and it was well worth the wait. This one is from KhemehK out of L.A. via AZ. One f the few dubstep tracks that takes a little bit different turn at every drop. You can bang this one hard in a set, or just sit back [...]


Pony Boy – Pill Dub

by admin on March 27, 2011

Post image for Pony Boy – Pill Dub

Pony Boy AKA Alex King is a 20 year old producer our of Tacoma, Washington who currently resides in St. Paul, MN. He sent over his latest track entitled “Pill Dub” and its a prefect track for a spring Sunday…….bump this one by the pool! Pill Dub by Pony_Boy


Flux Pavilion – Bass Cannon

by admin on March 21, 2011

The release that everyone has been waiting for is finally out! We got an email from Circus late last night that the tune would be available exclusively on iTunes! This tune got big support on Radio 1 last week so the Circus guys decided to finally drop it on us. Tell us what tune you [...]


Rebecca Black – Friday (Anal Filth Remix)

by admin on March 17, 2011

So this one found its way into my Soundcloud account today. I don’t really know much about circuitbored, the person who made it, but bravo on capitalizing on the latest viral sensation online! Rebecca Black – Friday (Anal Filth Remix) by circuitbored