Digital Mystikz – DMZ 022

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by zak on July 18, 2012

Digital Mystikz latest release off their own DMZ label.  Been waiting for this Mala track ‘Enter Dimensions’ since it popped my cherry. I heard it was going to get a release a couple months ago, finally got it in the mail yesterday.  WAKKA! Standard operating procedure for Coki here as he just hits you in [...]


Post image for Rhianna – Where Have You Been (Seriph Bootleg Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

You guys might remember Seriph from when he smashed our mix series, and this time he is back with a top notch bootleg. It’s rare a serious bass slinger will take a crack at a top 40 track, but the result is a dubstep dance floor banger. This one is for all you remix lovers! [...]


HavocNdeeD – “Distoria” EP

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by zak on July 3, 2012

We were forunate enough to get a pre-release copy of the new HavocNdeeD EP and it is nothing short of awesome! This one is due out July 10th on 119 Sound. Sometimes you come across EPs that make you feel like you are watching Sons Of Anarchy episode, where limb bizkit makes a guest appearance [...]


If you don’t know who The Widdler is .. well…  There isn’t much to know really except he comes from the east coast of America either Maryland or New Jersey and that he likes to hide and live under rocks!  Most of his music gets released for free hence how I discovered The Widdler in [...]

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Now I don’t normally go for the free mp3 download, but I’m a big fan of Matt Watt (better known as Killawatt) and his deep, dark, minimalist, walk-through-a-jungle sound. “Tribal bongo half-step” could be another way of describing his sound. ‘Interplay’ takes you on a weird walk that makes it seem like someone is following [...]


Post image for Init – After the Goldrush (KhemehK Remix) FREE DUBSTEP DOWNLOAD

Right off the tails of his last big track “Omni”  which was a collaboration with Bogusdank, Khemehk comes back with a remix of Init’s track After The Gold Rush. This is probably my favorite track that Khemehk had produced, and getting to listen to his sound evolve is awesome. Turn up the speakers and listen to [...]


Forthcoming Jack Sparrow

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by zak on June 19, 2012

Turn the lights off, dim the computer down, and scare yourself with some deep dark spaciness.  ”Afraid of Me,” comes at you quick and doesn’t stop. Absolutely love the Rorschach sample from the Watchmen movie.  Totally sets the tone and drives this song forward. Deep, dark, scary bass!  Jack Sparrow is also one half of [...]

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Post image for Call Me Maybe (Turnstyle Remix) [Free Love Digi Free Download]

Free Love Digi is at it again this time with a free download from Arizona dubstep and drum and bass producer Turnstyle. Turnstyle also happens to be half of the dubstep heavyweight duo Beastman. On this one he manages to transform the latest and greatest in teen pop into a palatable, complex bass tune. Play it, [...]


Kromestar & Dark Tantrums

by Ughog on May 22, 2012

Origin Audio

Was really stoked to see this one released today. Two super aggressive sub shakers that still maintain that dark vibe and rhythm that Kromestar and Dark Tantrums have become known for. Buy it from now! KROMESTAR FACEBOOK DARK TANTRUMS FACEBOOK


Stinkahbell & Psy:am

by Ughog on May 16, 2012

Hot Poo

Huge track from Stinkahbell & Psy:am with P-Money, Little Dee, and Blacks. Out later this month on Terrorhythm. Don’t sleep on this crew, big big things in 2012. STINKAHBELL FACEBOOK PSY:AM FACEBOOK

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