DrewLife hooks up a new NiT GriT Track

by admin on November 12, 2010

NiT GriT, an up and coming producer from San Jose, CA pulled an unprecedented move yesterday, offering his latest song (fully mastered) to the followers of his facebook page that write for dubstep blogs. Since I’m both, here it is:

This Old Heart.mp3

This is a pretty chill tune for NiT, who is generally blasting your face off with his signature synth (that you do hear a bit of in this song).
“This song isn’t a dance floor banger but a track you would probably listen to on some headphones. It has traces of Experimental, IDM beats with the heaviness of dubstep/drum and bass. I hope you all get lost into it” – NiT GriT

I’m enjoying it, if you haven’t heard of NiT GriT or think this song is too soft, Prepare your brain for being laid open with these bonus tracks here:

09 Abandoned (Sloth Logic Remix)_2.mp3
Mr. Herman.mp3
04 Technical Touch.mp3

Buy His Music:



My girl Imani put me on to this track by theDuke called Fly Away. Random, Awesome! In the same vein as This Old Heart above:

Fly Away.mp3

{Peace, Love, TGIF}


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