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by admin on July 8, 2011

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Today’s review is big. I mean, really big. Like, Messinian meets Play Me Records big. On Monday June 27, Play Me released the Holy Pimp Hand EP. Holy Pimp Hand is a 4-track collection that features Messinian collaborating with multiple artists (Helicopter Showdown, Sluggo, Boy Kid Cloud, Marc Remillard, Fredrik Olufsen, & J. Rabbit). As a “thank you” to loyal fans, they’ve also released a free bonus track called Aint Fuckin Round, which you can grab from our SoundCloud page. This is a big release, both in talent and in sound, and it shows that Play Me isn’t slowing down their onslaught of high-quality Dubstep tracks

The opening track is Holy Ghost and it’s huge. Synths carry the melody through the build-up and, for a while, the only bass we get is a kick drum. Then the drums cut out and vocals push through the synths, and we finally get a big bass line to support the music. After a few bars of soulful vocals, lasers start to charge in the background – the volume drops, and all of a sudden there’s a barrage of laser fire. The track goes glitchy; jumping from synth to mechanical whine, from wobble to synth-n-bass chatter, all in just a few bars. Add in the drum beat to keep everything contained, and we’ve got ourselves one badass glitchy dubstep track that’s sure to make people scream at shows.

Contraband brings in a hard-hitting hip-hop vibe to the EP. It’s aggressive, both in lyrics and after the drop, but every once in a while there’s a pause and a gentle melody plays around in the silence. The lyrics in Contraband are perfect – aggressive to match the music, and memorable so that it’s just as easy to sing along as it is to bounce to. The 6/8 time adds a funky swing to the track, and switches it up enough to keep the track progression interesting.

On the heels of Contraband comes Pimp Hand Strong. If there was a reboot of the Starsky and Hutch franchise, this would totally be Huggy Bear’s theme song. This track is super funky, with retro synth lines and a string-heavy pre-drop. The synths slide up and down, creating a contrast to the tightly-compressed drums and low but steady bass. The areas of silence are what get me on this track – in certain sections, everything goes silent for half a second or so before exploding back out. This isn’t sloppy production; it’s precision. And it’s perfect.

Don’t be thrown off by the title of the next track, when I blast I Love Titties through my sound system, people freak out when the bass drops. This time, it’s a big sliding drop as the track builds up – then the wobbles amp up, the drums come in, we get a vocal clip and BAM! Bass matches the screaming synth in a lower register, the drums shuffle along, and the pauses – the pauses! – make this a track that’s as recognizable as it is masterful. This track is guaranteed to get your titties bouncing.

The final track, Aint Fuckin Round is a free bonus download on Play Me Records’ SoundCloud. This track starts off with loud, futuristic synth that suggests a 6/8 time signature. Bass thunders through the low end, a vocal clip cuts through, and the drop comes quickly – it’s a 4/4 time signature after all. Aint Fuckin Round is a lot different than the other 4 tracks, but that’s not to say it’s worse. Although the synth line is loud, there’s a calmness on this track that doesn’t show up on the others – maybe it’s the use of different drums, maybe it’s the lack of multiple sounds. Whatever it is, it’s cool and it works. The first time I heard this track, I though “this would be a great track to pair up with some rap” and then all of a sudden the vocals kicked in and I got exactly what I wanted. If you like some rap with your Dubstep, this track’s for you. What can I say? Messinian’s done it again, and he’s an incredible talent, props to Play Me for recognizing this. Whether you’re into Glitch, Dubstep, lasers, rap, or Titties, you can rest assured knowing that the Holy Pimp Hand EP has finally been released.

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