Killawatt – Osiris Music Debut and Free Interplay EP

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by zak on June 28, 2012

Now I don’t normally go for the free mp3 download, but I’m a big fan of Matt Watt (better known as Killawatt) and his deep, dark, minimalist, walk-through-a-jungle sound. “Tribal bongo half-step” could be another way of describing his sound. ‘Interplay’ takes you on a weird walk that makes it seem like someone is following you and every time you turn around… nothing but dark shadows. Guuuhh even ‘Locked In’ puts you into a different reality. It is truly hard to explain but this is just some good dark scary bass music that takes you on a four track audio adventure through the Amazon rain forest. Highly recommend playing this with the lights off and a subwoofer or a decent pair of headphones.

If you want more Killawatt he just released ┬áMystic Vocation and Centipede off of Kryptic Mind’s label Osiris Music UK. You can check out the samples or purchase the wax/digital if you so desire here at Surus.

Killawatt – Interplay EP -


Locked In




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