Gangoon Dubz – Tryna Test EP

by Ughog on February 20, 2012

Tryna Test

If you’re not aware of who Gangoon Dubz is by now, it’s time you get yourself acquainted.

Gangoon Dubz is a Brighton based DJ/Producer collective consisting of Hizzleguy, Dismantle, Zaius, Rudi Redz, Hanz1, 184 & Hurley! Gangoon is family before music, they are a solid unit with styles that vary from goon to goon.

The goonies are known for their energetic sets and heavyweight sound, racking up a fair few residencies its fair to say they’ve been smashing all the big raves in Brighton alongside other huge artists in the scene.

Gangoon Dubz rising stars Hizzle Guy & Dismantle are making their mark in the Dubstep scene with their own unique andindividual sounds and they’re getting massive support from the likes of Jakes, Hatcha, N-Type, Kutz, Walsh, Skream & Benga.

Look out for forthcoming releases from Hizzle & Dismantle on Sin City, Wheel & Deal, Biscuit Factory & Evergreen Forest.

Gangoon Dubz are set for their first digital release on their label Gangoon Digi-Dubz in May 2011 so watch this space!

Big up each and every one supporting the Gangoon Movement!

Today is the day, the official release on their label. Four heavyweight tunes from Dismantle, Hizzleguy, Hurley, Rudi Redz, and Felix Joseph. First heard ‘Tryna Test‘ a few weeks ago on Mistajam and was totally hooked. This one goes off like a low rider gangster anthem, but then surprises you with a little chainsaw bass that saws through your chest. ‘I Don’t Care‘ is a dark vocal monster that conjures up dark visions of absolutely not giving a fuck. ‘Kill Dem Sub‘ is pure Dismantle vibes and I love it. Bouncy drums and percussion with perfectly fitting vocal samples that roll the song along. It should go without saying after reading the name of the song, but you know this one is sub-y. The last song is Hurley’s ‘Ending The Game‘. Have always loved Hurley and this song definitely reminds me why. An absolutely mental skank-out. Don’t sleep on any of these guys because if 2011 was any indication, 2012 is going to a huge year for all these guys and Gangoon Dubz.

Listen to and buy the ‘Tryna Test EP’ from BEATPORT.


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