The Dubstep Blog Mix #5 – Seriph [Free Download]

by admin on January 20, 2012

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Sorry for the delay in the mix series, you guys seem to be digging it so lets keep it movin! This time comin in from the bay area of California from Seriph. Seriph has been seen all around San Fran, playing with acts like Ajapai, Figure, At Dawn We Rage and more. He is one half of the production crew Ruff Haus. He goes in hard with this mix and fires off  his own production Gnar Shark. Enjoy the mix bass heads!

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TheDubstepBlog Mix by SERIPH

1. Magic Puff- D Jahsta
2. The Secret Carrot Rave- 50Carrot
3. Submerged- Horrors
4. NEver Let Me Go – Dream
5. Battle Tune- Seriph
6. Fatal Maschine (DZ Remix)- Itchy Robot
7. Hype Hype (Enigma Remix)- SLK
8.Ruffer Dan Dem (Megalodon RMX)
9. Dutty Guy – D.E.Velopement
10. Wrong Turn- T Vicious
11. Mustachio- Megalodon
12. Fatality-Requake
13. Dark Ages feat. Beezy-Eddie K and Minus
14. Jiyajale- Sukh knight
15. Jump! Soloman VIP
16. Gunsmoke p0gman RMX- 12 Guage
17. Watch This- p0gman
18.Goblin Shark- Megalodon
19. The Frog- Mr. Bonez
20. This is my Block- megalodon
21. Thalys-Requake
22. Prototype -Supreme
23. Robbery -Seriph
24. Gnar-Shark- Seriph
25. Like This feat. Doctor- Megalodon

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