DrewLife says Dubstep is Not Just One “Thing”

by admin on October 17, 2010

When I wanted to start this blog I had an idea to make it a collective blog, a forum for any DJ that wants to talk about dubstep to do so. One person that was as excited about the idea as I was, is Andrew Edman AKA DrewLife. Andrew is one of the up and coming dubstep DJ’s in the valley and has a major love for music. Add DrewLife on Facebook here http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tha-drewLife/146911265349735

There seems to be a lot of confusion when it comes to dubstep in its emerging cultural clash with the United States and beyond. A lot of people have seriously misunderstood everything about dubstep and either hate it, despise it, or love it so badly their ears are bleeding (currently). This is only due to one thing and that is the information is all over the place.

Here at The Dubstep Blog we will take all of the given information, put it nice and neatly in a row and let you decide what you think dubstep should sound like. Since dubstep mainly depends on the type of drum pattern and tempo, it can encompass a very large range of sounds and styles from very minimal to hardcore death metal.

If you want to understand dubstep you have to understand that it is just not one thing. It can’t be surmised with one song and it can’t be comprimised by 99 bad songs that your buddy played for you on his sub-less computer speakers. There are so many varying styles there will always be a song that you do like even if electronic music isn’t neccessarily your forté.

Here’s four examples of dubstep that wouldn’t seem to be connected to the untrained ear, but fall under the same umbrella:

Koan Sound & Asa – Hesitation

Asa & KOAN Sound – Hesitation [OUT NOW] by Asa.

Youtube’s sound data rates are shitty, but here’s the full song:

This track has so much to say with so little. It’s ambient and soulful, quiet and hard, interesting and minimal. The vocals are a soft reminder that dubstep has a heart.

Lee Mortimer & Laidback Luke – Blau! (Doorly dubstep remix)

Download: http://www.4shared.com/audio/yonYiLjm/Blau__Doorly_Dubstep_Remix_.html

Here we have a completely different take on what dubstep should sound like (read: to Doorly). Doorly has an interesting take on dubstep, he really likes to combine more techno like elements and dance synths to his sound. While this is all good and fine, if you were to listen to this only, you would either be impressed or turned off… there is no middle.

Pencil / My Piano / Firehouse – Wu-Tang Clan (Soroka Remix)

Download: http://www.4shared.com/audio/w24M4YgO/02_Pencil__featuring_Masta_Kil.html

In the 1980′s when hiphop first started, it was a lot like dubstep is now. It was mostly comprised of DJ’s who battled for fame in an emerging market. The MC was only there to keep the crowd hype for the DJ. Dubstep has always had MC’s that are there to do the same thing, however they still aren’t the spotlight of the song. It is still the producers and DJ’s that control the sound; however, this song is a nice mix of both a ridiculous dubstep beat as well as the worldly stylings of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Karma Crazy – Magnetic Man

Download: http://www.4shared.com/audio/uXgogMGB/13_Karma_Crazy.html

WELL ISN’T THAT SOMETHING? Magnetic Man aka the best dubsteppers out there (Benga, Skream and Artwork) crafting a new style with live orchaestra intstruments and that wicked saw wave that we all crave so badly. It has a light element to it and then BAM! Take That You Dirty Rat. You should have to take this beat out to nice steak dinner before you get this dirty with it.

So to sum it up, think before you judge, not everything is as it seems at first. Dubstep is like onions, donkey; it has layers.

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