The Get Downnn – GLOW APOCALYPSE + ADWR: The Interview

by admin on December 30, 2010

Our friends over at The Get Downnn had a great post and interview with At Dawn We Rage and were cool enough to let us share it with you. Check out The Get Downnn, At Dawn We Rage, and a lot more tomorrow night, New Years Eve at Glow Apocalypse. Check out their post below.

If you’re Valley-based and have any type of communication with the outside world, then you’ll probably recall that tomorrow is New Years Eve, and there’s a whole helluva a lot going on around town.

That being said, a party that you should definitely consider attending isGLOW: Apocalypse featuring none other than headliner At Dawn We Rage a long with a number of other P-H-X hard hitters.

Featuring 2 separate rooms8+ DJs, ridiculously cheap drink specials(ahem: $1 PBR Cans, $3 shots of  1800 Tequila and 2 for 1s up until 11) and a cover of ONLY $5 (before 11PM) there’s really no reason not to attend.

From what we’re hearing, the guys from ADWR also plan on handing out a bunch of their new stickers, and we’ll get a first look at the first line of  t-shirts as well.

In honor of tomorrow night’s festivities, we also had the opportunity to sit down with ADWR (Stormy Logan & Travis Seekrits) and ask them a few questions. You can see what they had to say (below).

First and foremost, thank you guys for taking the time to sit down with us and answer a few questions! To start things off, could you just tell us a little bit about At Dawn We Rage? I know it’s a producing moniker, but it’s also a whole lot more: a label, collective and its continuing to expand…so, could you lay it out for us?

ADWR: Basically the idea was to create a all in one powerhouse of everything. Originally it was just a side project of mine to release dubstep tracks outside of LIGHTSOVERLA. It got put to the side for a few months and then we wanted to build a label and decided to run it under the ADWR name. We figured the best way to get the name out was to release some remixes and build hype that way, and so far that has been working really well. In a little over a month we did like over 70k plays and people have been really stoked on the idea. On top of producing and the label we are starting an apparel line under the name as well and we just got our first run of stuff and are super stoked for that!

At what point did you guys decide to team up? I know you guys both produce under your own respective projects (LightsoverLA and Emerge In Sea) so how does this project fit in to all of that?

ADWR: We have had this group of friends for awhile and there was always ideas flying back and forth so it was kinda a natural progression to working together. We had wanted to send some of our tracks out to labels and decided to just build something ourself and go for it. We have been doing a good job of fitting it all together cause the label side of ADWR will be releasing all the tracks from our personal projects (LightsoverLA, Emerge In Sea, Close To Never) as well as the ADWR tracks.

A lot of the tracks you guys have produced under the ADWR name, are really bass heavy, they’re harder tracks, but you can’t really label them in a certain way…is that on purpose? Is there a specific sound you guys are trying for or is the name and sound always evolving?

ADWR: I think we are just trying to do whatever comes to mind. The tracks are definetly rooted in the heavier side of dubstep. In a lot of our newer tracks were bringing more melody into the heaviness. We don’t want to really get stuck into one genre these days cause we feel you have to be an all around producer to really stand out.

Deadmau5 – Sofi Needs A Ladder (AT DAWN WE RAGE REMIX) by at dawn we rage

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