Digital Mystikz – DMZ 022

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by zak on July 18, 2012

Digital Mystikz latest release off their own DMZ label.  Been waiting for this Mala track ‘Enter Dimensions’ since it popped my cherry. I heard it was going to get a release a couple months ago, finally got it in the mail yesterday.  WAKKA! Standard operating procedure for Coki here as he just hits you in the face with ‘Marduk’ before you even know whats happening. Headnodda music perhaps, but ‘Marduk’ reminded me of the ‘Horrid Henry’ sound for some reason I don’t know why? If you have never heard of DMZ or Mala and Coki, I would highly recommend a subwoofer before you dig around. Enjoy!

Horrid Henry in case you were wondering …

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