Deadmeat Tour Phoenix 2012

by Ughog on January 24, 2012


So it’s been a few days since the first big tour of 2012 has started, the Deadmeat Tour with Steve Aoki and Datsik. Last Thursday was the start of the tour out here in Phoenix. Unfortunately due to it’s location and sober drivers, I arrived a little late. I (and what I soon found out to be a lot of others) thought the show would be going until 2:00am like the majority of EDM shows out here do, so we arrived around 11:00pm. That was not the case this time. Steve Aoki was on and it was ending within the next hour. Disappointing, but still no reason to miss out on the fun. From here my only gripes lie with the management of the venue and how access to the pit was handled. This is a dance music show yet unless you had a special wristband you could not enter the pit to, well, dance. Luckily though the stage set up was enough to just sit back in the seats and enjoy. Steve Aoki was in a pod looking contraption covered in LED bars elevated 15 feet up from the stage floor. In front of that were four giant LED covered letters that read ‘A O K I’. It was definitely something very cool to see. Aoki’s music selection varied from heavier electro remixes of big top 40 songs to crowd favorite bangers in electro and dubstep. There was a good, happy energy throughout the crowd. There was definitely more to be desired in his mixing but he undoubtedly brought the party like Comerica Theater’s never seen before. It should also be noted that no electronic show had ever been hosted in this venue ever before.

In the end it was upsetting leaving the show wanting more and to see Dirtyphonics and Datsik (who also has an excellent new light set up judging from the videos), but with the state that electronic music is in right now I will get the chance at a later time. If this is stopping by your city anytime on the tour I highly suggest you go ahead and see it. Especially with the likes of Alvin Risk, Dirtyphonics, Autoerotique , Terravita and more opening up in various cities.


Photo from DNA Imagery.

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