Brand New Heavy Track Clip from At Dawn We Rage

by admin on November 18, 2010

I am a believer that dubstep takes on many different forms, and one thing that I hear people say that bugs me is “Its not heavy enough for dubstep”. Some of my favorite dubstep tracks are more dance oriented, like many of the LightsOverLA and At Dawn We Rage remixes. Well about an hour ago, the At Dawn We Rage dudes pulled the rug out from under us and tell us put that in your ear pipe and smoke it with this awesomely heavy track preview. I seriously couldn’t wait till it was done to share it, and will definitely be hitting you with a full length when its done!

Come see them along Riot Earp, Jedediah (thats me!), Ughog and Khemek here in Arizona on November 26th at the opening night of GLOW at The Vagabond Ballroom! Its going to be awesome! Click Here for Presale Tix! Autoerotique headlining the Electro House stage!

Untitled 26th (preview) by at dawn we rage

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